Ear wax removal service

In the UK it is estimated that around 3.9% of the population require management of ear wax each year. Many people have to wait months for treatment, or simply resign themselves to living with their condition, unaware that they could receive treatment at their local pharmacy with the help of the TympaHealth system. The current waiting time to access wax removal services in the NHS is 16-124 weeks. Therefore, Earls Barton pharmacy’s ability to offer ear diagnostics, wax removal &

5 Things Your Pharmacy Can Help With Today

It’s a common misconception that pharmacies are solely for ordering and picking up prescriptions. In reality, they are valuable one-stop healthcare hubs, often serving as a convenient alternative to booking a GP appointment. Visiting your local pharmacy is the perfect way to meet the whole family’s everyday healthcare needs quickly and easily, whilst granting yourself the peace of mind that you’re getting all the expert help and advice you need. How can a Pharmacy Help me?

Jet off on your travels with a Covid PCR Test in Northampton

  Need a Covid PCR test in Northampton?    Earls Barton Pharmacy has the solution for you. Whether you are looking to head off on a business trip, or are jetting off on a long-awaited family holiday - we are here to help you jet off, with a reliable Covid PCR Test in Northampton. Covid has had a huge impact on travel as an industry, with millions of travel plans being cancelled over the past year.  However, following the release of the Government’s red, ambe