Day 2 PCR Testing Return to UK

Day 2 PCR Testing Return to UK

COVID-19 PCR Day 2 testing is suitable for all travellers returning to the UK from GREEN LIST countries  or  AMBER LIST countries (ONLY if you are fully vaccinated) and is now available at Earls Barton Pharmacy.

Kit Contents: Day 2 sampling kit ready for return to the lab.

Price: £120.00- No need to book an appointment- simply collect a kit from pharmacy 

What is Fully vaccinated Arrivals Day 2 testing?

All international arrivals into the UK from GREEN list country OR AMBER list country (ONLY if fully vaccinated) need to take a test on Day 2 of their arrival back in the UK,  there is no requirement to quarantine on return unless you are symptomatic or your Day 2 test returns a positive result.

Passengers returning to the UK are required book an Day 2 test and complete a passenger locator form for entry into the UK.

We would strongly recommend that you purchase the Day 2 kit if you are have certain of your date in return to the UK

The Day 2 kits are sold for use at home on your return to the UK and each kit will have a unique Swab ID number and validation code supplied by Agilis Health.

You will be required to register the kit and once registered you will be receive your passenger locator reference number from Agilis health by email- it usually begins with AGLIA

Its applicable to Adults (18 yrs and over) and Children aged 5 to 17 who are ordinarily resident in the UK:

  • must take a COVID-19 Day 2 test on or before day 2. 
  • Children aged 4 or under- DONT need to take a Day 2 test on return to the UK.
  • Children aged 5 to 17- WILL need to take a Day 2 test on return to the UK.
  • Those who have been fully vaccinated with an NHS administered vaccine in the UK- A full vaccination means 14 days have passed since your second and final dose of the vaccine.

Is this kit different to Test to Release and Fit to Fly PCR COVID testing?

Yes. The samples are taken the same, with swabs of the nose and throat, but unlike the Test to release and the Fit to Fly scheme, Day 2 samples are sent for genetic sequencing. This process of sequencing your sample is required to highlight new Coronavirus variants entering the UK. For example, sequencing has helped the UK detect the Indian, Brazillian and South African variants that are arriving regularly on our shores.

Looking for just the Day 2 and 8 Kit? Returned from an Amber List country AND not fully vaccinated? Have a look at our Day 2 and 8 testing page

How long does it take for the results to come through for a Day 2 test?

Same day results are avaliable if drop your registered and completed PCR swab to the laboratory in Northampton- Brackmills industrial estate by 9.30am on same day at very latest.

Any time after this results are usually avaliable 12-16hrs after dropping to the laboratory.

You dont have to drop the kit physically to the laboratory if not wish to. The kit comes with prepaid Royal mail tracked 24hrs service but this delays the time in getting the results back as you have- please allow 24-48hrs after posting the sample using a Royal mail priority post box.

We would always strongly recommend to drop laboratory yourself where possible.

Do I need to book an appointment?

No appointment necessary- as the Day 2 kit- is a home self adminstred swab. Upon on purchase our colleagues will explain the process of returning the Day 2 kit until your happy and understand the process.

Can I purchase the Day 2 kit if I am already aboard and have a return date to the UK?

We would always advise to purchase the kit before travelling aboard but you can still purchase the kit from the pharmacy and follow the below process

  1. You would simply call the pharmacy on 01604 812736 to make secure payment via debit/credit card (we dont store any card details). 
  2. We can send you details how to register the kits with validation code by email or over the phone- so that you can obtain your passenger locator test booking reference for the completion of the passenger locator form on return to UK. 
  3. Or we can complete the registration for you ( a charge will apply) and will need some information from you. We would email you details of the information required.
  4. Simply collect the kit ( or ask an representative) ready to swab yourself on return to the UK. You can collect anytime from Monday to Saturday during our opening hrs. The test can be done anytime on or before Day 2 after arrival. The day you arrive is counted a Day 0.