Travel Clinic

Travel Vaccinations and Travel Health Advice Service:

If you`re planning a trip abroad, we can help care for you and your familys health with our Travel Vaccinations and Health Advice Service we provide for you - Including help with preventing malaria.

Book your appointment  CLICK HERE ( Please note £20.00 will deducted from the final total price of any vaccines taken. If no vaccines taken- the fee is non refundable and charged as an consultation fee for any advice provided in person, over the phone or by email)

How can the services help me?

Our specially trained travel health Pharmacists Will provide advice and information on the vaccination and malaria prevention medication that's tailored to you and your travel plans.

Do I need to book an appointment?

We would recommend booking an appointment at least 6 to 8 weeks before your trip to allow our qualified travel pharmacists to comprehensively go over all vaccination and travel health needs effectively.

Booking an appointment isn't always necessary for any last minute or short notice trips as consultations are available at short notice,and our specially trained travel pharmacist may be able to see you straight away - even close to your departure date

We offer convenient appointments to suit you Monday to Friday.

How does it work?

1) Visit Earls Barton Pharmacy, ideally 6-8 weeks before you travel, to ensure you have time to organise any vaccinations or medicines that you may need.

2) Our Pharmacist- will ask a few short questions around when and where you are travelling to check if any vaccinations or medications may be suggested for your trip.

3)  Our Pharmacist will then be able to give you the vaccinations, medicines and advice you need to prepare for a healthy trip abroad.

What do I need to prepare for my consultation?

To ensure your travel health advice is personalised to your trip, you'll need to come prepared with:

• Information about your trip (eg. destination, duration and planned activities, if known)

• Details of any medical conditions and/or medication you're currently taking

• History of previous vaccinations (if known)

It's also a good idea to wear a loose-fitting top so you can comfortably roll up your sleeve for any vaccinations needed.

What vaccinations are available?

Earls Barton Travel Clinic provides a full range of travel vaccinations to protect you and your family against the following:

• Cholera

• Polio

• Diphtheria

• Rabies

• Hepatitis A

• Hepatitis B

• Tetanus

• Japanese encephalitis

• Tick borne encephalitis

• Whooping cough

• Meningitis ACWY and Meningitis B

• Typhoid

Yellow Fever- We dont offer this at Earls Barton Pharmacy but our partner pharmacies- Croyland Pharmacy in Wollaston NN29 7QP to book appointment CLICK HERE 

• Mumps,Measles and Rubella (MMR)

Plus a range of malaria prevention medication. Where appropriate, you may be given the option of you choosing combined vaccinations, eg. Hepatitis A and B. Some of these vaccinations are only available in combination with others, eg. Diphtheria, Tetanus and Polio. Certain countries may require proof of vaccination or certificates and we can provide these.

We offer a wide range of vaccinations for other purposes such as childhood vaccinations like Chicken Pox and MMR or the need for a vaccination for the occupational purpose such as Hepatitis B, contact us for more information

Earls Barton Pharmacy & Travel clinic price list

Vaccine (cost is per dose not course) price per dose Doses required
Prices as of December 2023 but subject to change
Cholera £75 x1
Diptheria,tetanus,and polio (DTP) £50 x1
Hepatitis A Adult £50 x2
Hepatitis A paediatric  £50 x2
Hepatitis B  £50 x3
Hepatitis B paediatric  £50 x3
Japanese encephlitis  £125 x2
MMR £50 x1
Meningitis ACWY  £65 x1
Rabies  £105 x3
Tick borne encephalitis  £70 x3
Typhoid £50 x1
Chickenpox  £70 x2
Pneumonia  £50 x1

Shingles  (please call to check availiablity)




x1 (zostavax)

x2 (Shingrix)