Jet off on your travels with a Covid PCR Test in Northampton


Need a Covid PCR test in Northampton? 


Earls Barton Pharmacy has the solution for you. Whether you are looking to head off on a business trip, or are jetting off on a long-awaited family holiday - we are here to help you jet off, with a reliable Covid PCR Test in Northampton. Covid has had a huge impact on travel as an industry, with millions of travel plans being cancelled over the past year. 

However, following the release of the Government’s red, amber and green lists, airlines and countries are starting to reintroduce travel; this is all thanks to the availability of efficient PCR testing such as ours. 


How does a PCR test work? 


PCR stands for Polymerase Chain Reaction; the test is used to detect the active presence of Covid-19 antigens. However, this test cannot be used to detect antibodies, which indicate the body’s immune response to a previous Covid infection.



Explicitly, this test is able to determine whether or not someone has Covid very early on; this is done through its detection of viral RNA (ribonucleic acid). RNA is found in the body prior to antibodies developing, as well as prior to symptoms showing. Therefore, this test can accurately indicate who is, and is not, actively infected. This offers countries and airlines more control over the spread of the virus.


Please note: this test is not suitable for those who are currently displaying Covid symptoms, or those who have had symptoms up to 28 days prior to taking the test. If either of these statements describe you, you should instead adhere to Government guidance with regards to self-isolation and testing.



covid pcr test northampton



Why do I need to take a PCR test?


Most airlines and countries now require documentation to prove a negative Covid test 48-72 hours prior to travel. Further to the release of the Government’s red, amber and green travel lists, regulations may vary across airlines and countries. Therefore, we advise that you visit the Foreign Office Website for up-to-date guidance before you travel. 


Additionally, you should order your test with us as soon as you can, so that you don’t get caught out before your flight.


Book in with our innovative destination-specific Travel Clinic to make sure you have all the vaccinations you need before you go!



covid pcr test northampton


Our Covid PCR Test in Northampton




We can offer a 10% discount for purchases of 3 kits or packages - get in touch to find out more.


Test & Travel Stage Price Green Country Amber Country Red Country
Pre-departure PCR Test (outbound) £109 - Courier Collect Required. Required. Required.
Day 2 & 8 PCR Test (on return to the UK) £159 - via Royal Mail  Day 2 test only required. Taken on or before day 2 following return to the UK. Day 2 & Day 8 tests required on return to the UK. Both tests required upon return to the UK.
Day 5 Test to Release (on return to the UK) £89 Not required. Optional on day 5 after return to the UK. Negative result allows you to leave isolation early but day 8 test must still be taken. Not required.
Day 2 & 8 and Pre-departure test package £259 See above See above See above 
Pre-departure and day 2 test package £189 See above See above See above
Day 2 test £89 See above See above See above


*Prices subject to change

If you are looking to travel, Earls Barton Pharmacy is here to put your mind at ease. We offer a Covid PCR test in Northampton with a 24-48 hour results turnaround to get you where you need to go, safely and efficiently. Our Covid tests are carried out by yourself; they come in the form of an easy-to-use home testing kit. 


The kits are fully UKAS-accredited; they are supplied by RT Diagnostics Ltd. 




The test will involve swabbing both of your tonsils, or the area where your tonsils would normally be, as well as one nostril. Full instructions will be included within the kit, however we have also included the helpful video guide above for clarification regarding how the test will be carried out. 


Your test includes same day courier collection. This ensures that your results, and subsequent Fit to Fly Certificate, will be emailed back to you within 24-48 hours, following the lab’s receipt of your sample.


Please note: Tests must be completed by 10:30am to be eligible for same-day collection, Monday-Friday.

Further information can be found on our service page.


Don’t get caught out - 



Contact us to book in for your PCR test today!


* It is important to notice that this information is subject to change between airlines and countries; it is your responsibility to monitor travel information before your flight. We cannot be held liable for any changes in legislation.